Making a Difference

So we're the new kids on the block as far as property management companies on the Kapiti Coast go!  The best thing about being new is that we have the chance to create an awesome company that our clients will love to work with from the outset.

If you want great customer service - you've got it!  24/7 property management - yep, we've got that too!  Excellent value for money - you won't find better.  Seriously... you won't.

Being savvy business people as well as property managers we've spared no expense in bringing in the latest state-of-the-art property management system complete with cloud technology and iPads for property inspections, so we can work whilst on the road, at home or on vacation in Tonga (now that would be nice!).

We have also spent several months developing and fine-tuning our processes and procedures, working on our brand with a specialist design company, and more importantly establishing our values are as a business and responsible member of the community.

We're really pleased with our creation and hope you'll be suitably impressed with Rent Kapiti too.

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Our team

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