Our Management Systems


Property Management

Our property management systems ensure your valuable asset is safe and well managed at all times. We provide:

  • An inspection one month after the start of a new tenancy, followed by inspections every three months on the iPad with photographs and prompt reporting direct to your inbox
  • Rental reviews at least once a year
  • Prompt repairs and maintenance
  • Ongoing advice on how to maximise your rental return

Tenant Management

Our tenant management systems, combined with our personal approach, ensure quality, reliable tenants for your property and consistent rental streams. We provide

  • Accompanied viewings (we never just give tenants the key!)
  • A strict screening process for tenants - with credit checks across six databases
  • Reference checks with employers and previous landlords and checks on Google and Facebook
  • Lodging of bonds with the Department of Building and Housing.
  • 24/7 availability for emergencies
  • Our Tenant Selection Guarantee

Financial Management

We provide the prompt and accurate reporting you and your accountant need. We provide

  • A Trust Account for all rent monies - this ensures your money is 100% safe, and not mixed into our own business operation costs
  • Reliable rent collection & prompt crediting of funds twice a month
  • Zero rent arrears tolerance
  • Full financial reporting year-round
  • 24/7 secure online access to your account

IT & Technology

Our high tech systems ensure a streamlined and efficient service:

  • The latest state of the art 'cloud' based Property Management system
  • iPads & iPhones for prompt inspections and fast reporting back to our owners
  • Cloud technology - our property managers can access all information whether they are out on the road or at home, ensuring they can handle queries and deal with problems fast
  • Large offsite servers, that back up all your data twice a day
  • 24/7 access to accounts for landlords.
  • 24/7 repairs and maintenance reporting for tenants

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