Tenant Selection Guarantee


Should a tenant selected by Rent Kapiti breach their Tenancy Agreement or Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and subsequent amendments, we will cover the costs of taking the tenant and/or their guarantor to Tenancy Tribunal. This includes the Tenancy Tribunal application fee and any time involved with preparation for court and attendance. This also covers Tenancy Tribunal appeals and re-hearings if necessary.

We will also find, select, sign up and carry out the initial inspection for a new tenant at no cost to the landlord.


  • Any matters caused by or through the action or inaction of the property owner
  • Cost of debt recovery or court fees relating to collection
  • Any and all legal fees pertaining to the case where it is prudent to engage counsel


Maintenance is the biggest concern tenants have.  To keep on the right side of Tribunal, Rent Kapiti recommends all property owners take care of maintenance issues in their properties as they arise.  Maintenance that is not done can result in tenants issuing ‘14-Day-Notices to Remedy’ and may result in compensation being paid to the tenant via Tribunal.  To avoid 14-Day-Notices and other consequence, we strongly suggest essential maintenance is conducted in a timely manner.  If a property owner has instructed us to act against our recommendation and it results in a Tenancy Tribunal hearing, our time in relation to that matter will be charged to the investor.

Rent Kapiti will not act outside the laws of New Zealand. For example, we will not discriminate on family circumstances or ethnicity.  We will not act against our values or conscience.  We will try our best to create win-win situations and expect everyone we deal with to do the same.

As we do things 'by the book' and are prepared with the evidence required for Tenancy Tribunal, you are highly likely to be awarded the money required to cover your costs.  We also have methods of finding tenants who may try to skip their obligations.

We don’t make you pay for our mistakes, we fix them.

Imagine the peace of mind you will gain knowing that great tenants are looking after your property and if they don’t, we'll deal with if for you. Contact us now and make that a reality.

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